Well Come to Oromia.


Welcome to Oromia, a land with diverse opportunities. The majestic natural beauties and wonders of the land, the range of fauna and flora, the wild animals, the multifarious cultural colors and the history of the Oromo people, their wisdom, tolerance and hospitality that made the Oromia breathtakingly beautiful. Moreover, one of the world’s biggest and marvelous caves Sof Umar, the biggest and wonderful alpine park of Africa – Bale’ Mountains National Park, the paradise of birds and of their watchers-the Rift Valley lakes region, Malka Qunturre’-one of the spots of the cradle of mankind, several churches, monasteries, holy shrines, mosques, palaces, cultural and spiritual sites and above all the famous democratic Gada system of the Oromo culture,…these and many other attractions make Oromia one of the most preferred tourist destination in Ethiopia.

Explore for all you need to know about the history, culture, climate, investment opportunities, tourist attractions and resorts in Oromia.

You are welcome.


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